Advanced Computer&Internet Systems

Certified Professional Cable Design and Install

    If your Corporation, Small Business or Residence requires a structured cabling system, or your current stuctured cable system setup needs an upgrade, you should call Hy-Tek Computers for a FREE, no-obligation quote. We are experienced at installing cable runs quickly and with minimal impact upon your day to day activities. 
Cable Installations Experience Counts
- Computer data - Structured Cabling Systems (IBDN)
- Fibre Optic 
- Manual Splicing/Fusion Splicing
-Network Extension's
-XDSL/DSL Backhauls
-Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e Belden Certified
- Telephone
- Cable Testing Service/Certification
- Home Networking
-Powerline Networking/RJ-6 Networking 
- Video Surveillance (RJ-59 Siamese) 
- V.O.I.P
-We are IBDN(NORDX) certifed in cable and optical standards. Currently Providing Design and Install.
-Industry Standard Tools(Fluke Meters,Corning termination and field kits.)
-Network hardware is all certified CSA approved and tested.
-All solutions are carefully researched and designed based on the customers needs.
-We work efficiently. Our goal is to provide our customers with a tidy, well laid out, logical solution - fast - and at the right price.
Phone us for a quote. Our services have been refined over the years with some of Alberta's best solutions, time and time again. And our prices are very competitive.
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