Advanced Computer&Internet Systems

Fiber Optics

An optical fiber (or fibre) is a transparent thin fiber, usually made of glass or plastic, for transmitting light. Fiber optics is the branch of science and engineering concerned with such optical fibers.
Optical fibers are commonly used in telecommunication systems, as well as in illumination, sensors, and imaging optics.
Hy-Tek Computers has a certified fiber optics technician on staff, we have the professional experience and tools required by todays fiber support needs.
What can we do?
  •    Manual Splicing 
  •    Fusion Splicing
  •    Design and Installation (by Code and Industry Standards)
  •    Pre-terminated custom length's
  •    Fiber hardware and Media converters
  •    All newest form factor terminations and testing
  •    Test and Certify (Fluke MM/SM Testing) 
Our fiber Solutions cover MM and SM Fiber Products.
Call us today for any questions you may have with the Fiber Optics.
Hy-Tek Computers is Certified and Listed in the North American Installers Database.