Advanced Computer&Internet Systems

Networking Services And Solutions

Is your network slow?
Are you losing data?
Is your network secure?
With over 35+ years experience with Networks and Solutions we can provide the repairs or upgrades you may need to get the best out of your network.
Our services and solutions include:
  • Traffic optimization and troubleshooting
  • DHCP Services/NAT/PAT
  • Advanced static routing and routing protocols
  • Firewall and mac address access list managment
  • Network protocol monitoring and IP V4/6 Based Layers
  • VLAN,VPN,CISCO protocols + additional TCP/IP services
  • VOIP testing and qualification (overhead)
  • Bandwidth Optimization and Bonding services.
  • Multi-gateway load balancing
  • Bridge, switches, routers, VOIP servers, PPP, VRRP
  • DNS, Proxy, Caching setups
  • Copper and Optical Networks
  • Testing and Certification of install
  • Link loss and Budget design
  • Wireless Spectrum testing
  • Cisco, Dell, HP, Belden, Intel, 3com, and many others for support and programming 
Other vendors or manufacturers are supported based on age and system state.
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