Advanced Computer&Internet Systems

Server Based Solutions on Windows and Linux Platforms

    Are you looking for a server solution to enhance the network and services you rely on everyday? Are you looking at going to a new software environment and it requires a server? Do you need a server but want local support?   
    These are common scenarios that business is dealt with everyday.  Hy-Tek Computers offers only IBM Server based computing solutions.  All servers are IBM or Industrial rated solid state Platforms. We can deploy servers in all types of production environments. 

    Our goal is to help grow your business with technology!  Our track record and proven set of skills allow us to be a leader in the market.

        Server Market Include:  

  • Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 embedded, hand held Solutions
  • Linux Fedora, SUSE, Centos, Cpanel, various others server based deployments.
  • Unix (FreeBSD)(Hosting/firewall/routing/fileserver/radius)
  • Specialized server application (Industrial,32-bit/64-bit)
  • Point Of Sales Server based (sql,Mysql,apache,IIS 6,others)
  • Security DVR and Video data.
  • Domain servers,Lisc servers, Terminal Servers, and Others
  • IBM Hardware (Unless otherwise stated)
  • Server Special Windows and Linux.

    Information on Prices and Specifications can be forwarded to or consult for advanced product information.