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Digital Video Security

Now, more than ever, a CCTV system is the cornerstone of any security installation. We see this technology in use in almost any possible security application, from the public to the private sector including schools, retail, as well as residential applications. Currently, the CCTV product mix is experiencing a major shift to more digital technology as video over IP is becoming the norm. It is predicted that the CCTV industry will experience a complete conversion from analog to digital technology by the year 2010. As the CCTV industry grows and evolves, so does Hy-Tek . We offer a wide variety of IP based products. We carry a DVR for any situation, IP based cameras, video servers and much more. The combination of cutting-edge products and highly trained staff, ensures that we’ll deliver the right solution and keep you connected.

Hy-Tek is focused on being a leader in the CCTV industry by providing exceptional sales and technical support through our knowledgeable staff. Whether you are looking for a single fixed color camera or a complete CCTV system design, Hy-Tek has the products and the people to ensure that you are covered. Our product mix encompasses all key areas of the CCTV business, from analog to digital, enterprise level equipment to entry level equipment, and everything in between.

At Hy-Tek we partner with vendors who share similar values and business practices as us – vendors who are reputable, reliable and who operate with integrity. We believe in offering our customers options, which is why we carry over 35 different product lines and with the help of our system specialists we can assist you in providing the best possible solution for any application.
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